Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 106!

For the past 3 years, section 106 of the Rogers Centre has become my home away from home (barely ahead of my 3rd home at the Loose Moose).  In section 106 you'll find me heckling away, supporting my beloved Blue Jays from April to October.

Here at blog 106, you'll get to hear anything regarding the Blue Jays. game by game opinions, roster analysis, prospect talk, and just about anything else.

I will also be providing you with interesting stories and news regarding the intercounty baseball league.  The IBL has been a Southern Ontario staple for years and years, and has been a host to many MLB players of the past.  I look forward to blogging about one of Ontario's best kept secrets.

The blog is in it's early stages, so feel free to drop me a line on twitter on advice you believe will help make the blog better for you, the reader.

You may follow me on twitter @gcm1979.

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